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Our Work is our Worship

MA'AT 9 is a spiritual and sociopolitical movement to restore balance to the mindset of love, life, balance, righteousness, and justice for A.D.O.S. We will have it without restriction, agendas, and interference from agency. MA'AT 9 was established to aid in restoring the balance in our community to effect society by building and empowering the A.D.O.S family with an attitude and lifestyle of self-sufficiency. This is necessary for initiating a paradigm shift and change in our means of existence to a more balanced and sustainable one. 


We unify (incorporate) organizations that supply essential goods, services, teaching and training as resources while advocating for the churches in our community to change their status and aid the diaspora in achieving and realizing justice and meaningful reform. We will collaborate with members in our community to establish our own community and promote a balanced way of life.


Through community events, criminal justice and political reform, juvenile judicial advocacy, educational programs, prison visitation outreach and weekly services we strive to build with the community and other organizations. We will implement an agenda to achieve tangible progress, and results for justice, and liberation for the A.D.O.S. diaspora. 


We are proactive activists who overstand that we need to address the root cause of the issues that plague our community to effect permanent change and progress. We value all life and make it our mission to return balance to it by restoring the family unit. 

Our First Initiative




     In our mission to restore the balance to the community by repairing the family, we make reversing the effects of prison one of our first priorities. This ministry was established in honor of my Sun, who died 6 weeks after his release from prison, after serving a 5-year sentence. My CHILD was sentenced as an adult. This institution of profit for prisons impacts our community the most. The Prison Industrial Complex is a continuation of the slavery and subsequent Jim Crow laws of the past that continue to cripple our growth and development as a people by hindering our efforts to realize liberation and freedom.


    We are establishing a Family Prison Visit Ministry in honor of my SUN Keivyante Tony Barnes. Our purpose in this auxiliary is to keep our men, who are political prisoners, in contact with the family and community as it is shown to significantly reduce recidivism. The state of Indiana lynched 16-year-old Keivyante Tony Barnes on July 24, 2017. He plead guilty and was convicted as an adult for a drug possession. He served 5 years and was denied any visitation the entirety of his sentence. Regardless of being his father, I was not permitted to see him due to my ex-felon status. Keivyante Barnes served his sentence with no visitors and was released at the age of 21, to then take his own life just 6 weeks later. The system's objective was successful in its aimed agenda to dismember the family unit by denying Keivy his father when he needed him most. I knew before confirming it in any studies or reports that my presence with him in there would have made the difference in his transition from prison to society. The pain and weight that I feel, no family or parent should ever feel.


    The men who go through this system need repair for the trauma that comes with serving time. It is much harder to repair a broken man than it is to sustain a man that still feels as if he has hope. It’s possible to heal a man and make him feel that he has value and love by establishing and maintaining social and familial bonds. According to a study by The Minnesota Department of Corrections The Effects of Prison Visitation on Offender Recidivism, found that visitation significantly decreased the risk of recidivism the most when those visits were are from siblings, father, and clergy. It was the opposite result with the visitor being an ex-spouse or lover (MDOC, 2011).


Families usually have a difficult time making regular visits for 3 reasons. Those are; location, policy and comfort. Most prisons are in rural areas away from the city center making transportation the issue for family's that come from poverty. Administrative policy, like the one that applied to me, restricts family members with criminal history from visiting. The third barrier is the uncomfortable settings of the visitation room and the impersonal no contact policy. We will advocate for change in all of these areas with practical solutions.


Our men are political prisoners needing our support to return as fully functional leaders in the community. We realize that by failing to support these men, they are more likely to become part of the problem versus the solution. We recognize that these men are a disenfranchised, vital resource needed to restore the functionality of our community. The Prison Industrial Complex is arguably the most damaging institution to the ADOS family. We must rebuild our communities by restoring these men who can help revitalize our families that create the community and furthermore, the nation. We want to establish lasting beneficial relationships with these men. We will advocate for their human rights, living conditions, and welfare behind the wall. We will also advocate for prison, policy, and legislation reform as it relates to the treatment of our Suns, brothers, and fathers that are in prison.  


The family unit is divided and conquered to the benefit of the dominant society. The kids are sent away to school all day to be miseducated and subjected to influences that often contradict the morals and principles the family has tried to instill in them. This influence spends more time with our kids than we can, which leaves them absent of the structure of the family. When that is coupled with mechanisms like; "The School to Prison Pipeline", the prison industrial complex, economic castration, and wealth calcification, there are no other options than for us to unify and fortify our families. This is vital if we are to see our world's balance restored. We need to save ourselves and the way to do this is by restoring the family. We're here to address the problems that challenge our ADOS diaspora.  

MA'AT 9 aims to collaborate with like-minded people organizations and churches to gain traction in our quest for justice and liberation. We are unapologetically progressive on ideas central to the liberation of our diaspora. The Family Prison Visit Ministry will be the vessel to establish and repair relationships and families to heal the community. Our ministry will also help provide transportation needs for the families in our juvenile Advocacy programs, POW reintegration and job training, as well as general transportation needs for the community programs we serve.  




A Look At Keivy's Life...


MA'AT 9 is a 508(c)(1)(a) Faith Based Organization. A 508(c)(1)(a) is, by the very nature of its creation, a religious, non-profit, tax-exempt organization.  A 508(c)(1)(a) FBO has free speech rights unlike all 501(c)(3) organizations that have speech restrictions. This prohibits them from influencing legislation and political campaigns while exercising their 1st amendment rights, for consideration, in exchange for tax exemption. Since 508(c)(1)(a) organizations are already tax exempt as a natural right they do not have to give up that freedom (religious exercise and free speech) as a condition of tax exemption. As the social issues that affect the ADOS disproportionately have become political issues, churches now more than ever need to lead in the call of training and developing leaders in our communities and nation. The goal of Ma'at 9 is to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness and advocate for solutions to issues concerning the ADOS diaspora. Essential to our mission is restoring and empowering the organic ADOS nuclear family. We achieve this by providing basic life skills training, promoting the harmony, stability, and independence of family through self sufficiency. Connecting families in the community to essential products and services is vital to the growth and development of our society.​

Meet The Founders


Baba Stebo Ma'at

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The Founder & Chief Elder, Baba Stebo created this organization out of the need to bring balance and harmony to ADOS families


Councelor Kristin Duckett

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A Teacher, Creator, & Advisor, her  goal is to raise the vibration of the families in our community 


Elder Lance C. Parker

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A master craftsman, Elder Lance also creates healing products and tinctures.