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Ma’at Urban Agriculture & Industries™ (MUA & I)™ is a community-based organization committed to empowering and educating communities through sustainable agriculture practices. As an organization, MUA & I™ is dedicated to establishing an Urban Farm Network in the community and training the next generation of regenerative farmers to service them. The network will provide a platform for sharing knowledge and resources to promote sustainable agriculture practices and support the growth of local food systems.



The future of home building

BALANCE and LIVITY have always been primary principles in our personal lives and in the WORK that we do. In our effort to create and maintain a self-sufficient and thriving community, MA'AT URBAN AGRICULTURE & INDUSTRIES was created in 2019 to return and modernize homesteading skills and knowledge to our people. Additionally, we INNERSTAND that having affordable shelter is the most significant factor in our welfare and stability. It is our goal to create homes using alternative natural building construction methods, such as super or hyperadobe earthbag homes, or others. The homes can be built using regenerative building techniques and materials such as hempcrete that is fireproof, waterproof, mold proof and insect proof. These homes can be constructed to withstand natural disasters like tornados and earthquakes. The average cost of building some of these homes falls right under 50$ per sq ft. The average cost of building a conventional home is around $150 - 180 per sq ft. This technique can be done with DIY by nearly anyone with minimal skill and training.  Ultimately, our mission is to create industry in and for our community by educating and empowering people with this technology that will positively impact the housing crisis in this country with necessary emphasis on our community. 


Natural Landscaping

We believe that maintaining the harmony of the Earth is vital. We prefer and advocate the use of low energy consumption tools and equipment to best minimize our own pollution and consumption of non-renewable energy resources like petroleum fuels. We use natural materials to create an aesthetically pleasing area. We also take the excess natural bio-matter and recycle them in our garden beds and compost. 


Homestead Furniture

The most important component to urban homesteading or living a self sufficient lifestyle is ingenuity. Creating furniture from scrap, recycled, or unique materials is vital in reducing waste and excessive costs. We offer creations ranging from shelves to benches. 


Hügelkultur High Rise Garden

Hügelkultur is a biodynamic agriculture technology that uses twigs, branches, logs, and other natural bio-matter beneath the garden bed to create heat, water, and natural nutrients from decomposition of bio matter. We have perfected this technique that sequesters carbon directly, adding natural benefits like self-watering, self-fertilizing, higher yields with low maintenance to your garden. 

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