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Making Connections

in the Community

MA'AT 9 and MA'AT URBAN AGRICULTURE & INDUSTRIES take pride in the connections we have made with community members, organizations, churches, ministers, activists, and philanthropists. Because we pour everything back into our work, restoring balance to live through education, donations and sponsorship are vital in our efforts to continue our mission. To date we have received donations and sponsorship in many forms.

In 2023 we are looking to expand our urban farming network and regenerative agriculture workshops! With the help of volunteers, supporters, donors, and sponsors we will reach this goal. 

Our main objective in this fundraiser is to secure the funds needed for a Diesel truck and RV trailer. But these aren't just any vehicles; they're the heartbeat of our vision. They'll become the driving force behind our mission of sustainability and accessibility:

  • The Diesel Truck: By running on vegetable oil, this truck significantly reduces harmful emissions, helping to clean our air and combat climate change. It's a win for the environment and our community.


  • The RV Trailer: It's not just a trailer; it's our mobile classroom and office. It'll bring regenerative agriculture education to neighborhoods near and far, support our community initiatives, and serve as our base for Sustainable Saturdays™, our educational program.


Ma'at 9 Driving
for Justice
and Sustain

We are Grateful!

We believe in showing gratitude to all those who have supported our mission, donated financially, or volunteered time.

Our Givers


  • Rayshaun Brocks via GoFundMe

  • Simonna Woodson via GoFundMe

  • Yvette Markey via GoFundMe

  • Nicole Woods via Cash

  • Alesha Taylor via

Flower ($200-$499)

Be the first Flower donor!

Sprout ($100-$199)

  • Malik Yakini via GoFundMe

  • Patrick McNeill via Go Fund Me

  • Ty Simmons via GoFundMe & Cash

  • Denise Jamerson via GoFundMe

  • Anonymous via GoFundMe

Fruit ($500 and up)

From the Ground Up Foods, LLC


Our apparel is adorned with graphics and designs created by our activists. Choose from t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats, and mugs.


Our main goal is to bring self sufficiency skills to OUR village. Some areas of education are; woodworking, car mechanics, plumbing, electrical, sewing, and agriculture. As an instructor you offer you gift of knowledge and skills to participant in our programs. You can also offer your time at one of our events or gatherings. We are also looking for transportation volunteers. Choose the method of giving that is best for you


Direct financial contributions are a versatile method of donation. These types of offerings go toward our youth & family program, our criminal justice advocacy,  events, and gatherings. All donations are tax exempt.


In accordance with the Kemetic Rastafari principles, we embrace THE ALL. In doing so, we overstand that we cannot do this alone. The more we help one another the more change can take place. Your gifts and offerings are always received with love and gratitude. 

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