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Find documents, books, and other digital resources that are in alignment with the principles of MA'AT


MA'AT 9 Temple

Written and compiled by the founding Minister and Chief Elder Baba Stebo I. Ma'at. This  work is the embodiment of the ideology and way of life the Kemetic Rastafari Temple MA'AT 9 INCORPORATED movement. It is a living work and continues to grow as it is truly a LIVING word. It illustrates and illuminates the alignment and incorporation of our CODE and way of life with ancestral and ancient, Universal Laws and principles.

6th Edition Laws & Principles E-book Free Sample

Happy Family

Religious Exemption

This is for an Indiana child needing a religious exemption from mandatory vaccinations to addend an educational institution.

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Ma'at 9 Incorporated Charter

The file below is our Charter and By Laws. The purpose of placing here is in gesture of total transparency of our motive and mission. Our organization has no employees and is purposed for service. WE are not your typical non-profit organization. WE TRULY are purpose driven. Our incentive is Revolution. 

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