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Written and compiled by the founding Minister and Chief Elder Baba Stebo I. Ma'at. This work is the embodiment of the ideology and way of life for the Kemetic Rastafari Temple Ma'at 9 Incorporated Movement. It is a living work and continues to grow as it is truly a living word. It illustrates and illuminates the alignment and incorporation of our code and way of life with ancestral and ancient, universal laws and principles. This book was inspired and conceived after the author lost his son to suicide after a miscarriage of justice by the legal "Just-Us" system. He was unlawfully lynched by the State of Indiana at the age of 16. This book is the start of a movement to move away from the society that requires such injustices.


Digital copies can be downloaded and accessed immediately.

Ma'at 9 Laws, Principles, & Codes 6th Edition (E-book)

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