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R.U.F. Trainee 

Participants who successfully complete all 7 modules of our R.U.F: Regenerative Urban Farming Courses receive a certificate of recognition. This certificate allows you to be employed by us and other partnering farmers with the assurance that you are skilled and knowledgeable in regenerative and conservative growing practices. 


We do not use terms like "Activists". We prefer the term "Pro-Activists" as we are proactive in our mission. Become proactive in the mission to restore balance to the community by participating in meetings and gatherings to discuss current topics & action plans, working directly with MA'AT 9 during events, or by contributing knowledge & skills that align with MA'AT through skill sharing.

Ma'at 9


One of the many goals of MA'AT 9 is to maintain the family connection by providing garden spaces and events. In order for us to maintain these spaces and have successful events, aid and assistance is needed. Lend your hand in one of our garden spaces or at one of our family friendly community events!

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