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The enemy of oppression is Self determination.

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Welcome to Sustainable Saturdays™, a program created by Ma'at Urban Agriculture & Industries™ (M.U.A & I™) that aims to empower the community through education on sustainable living and urban agriculture. We invite you to join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future.

Are you looking for ways to take control of your food supply and reduce your dependence on industrial agriculture? Do you want to learn how to grow your own food in a sustainable way while protecting our precious natural resources? Register for Sustainable Saturdays™ free on our website.

Led by Stebo Ma'at, the founder and Chairman of M.U.A & I™ and founding Elder of the Kemetic Rastafari Temple Ma'at 9 Incorporated™, and his partner and love reflection, Counselor Kris Duckett, this program takes a deep dive into sustainable agriculture methods and how to protect our environment from human degradation. We believe that by introducing people to regenerative and sustainable agriculture at an elemental level, we can give them a comprehensive understanding of how everything relates in life, micro and macro.

Regenerative agriculture is a holistic and sustainable approach to farming that prioritizes rebuilding soil health, increasing biodiversity, and improving ecosystem services. It involves working with natural systems and using techniques such as crop rotation, cover cropping, reduced tillage, and the use of natural fertilizers and pest control methods. It also emphasizes community involvement, local economies, and social justice.

The workshop covers a range of topics, including soil ecology, water ecology, regenerative and sustainable agriculture, planting and growing basics, foundational understanding of plants, natural garden maintenance, and sustainable harvesting. Our goal is to provide participants with the tools and knowledge they need to grow their own food in a sustainable way, while also promoting social, environmental, political, and economic awareness.

Sustainable Saturdays™ is not just a workshop; it's a movement to provoke activism in the community to restore balance to life. We have designed the program to blend science, social studies, and cultural adhesiveness with a blend of music to bring participants into harmony through rhythm to a frequency that allows the message to resonate for reception similar to how church and other spiritual services. Our ancestars used music to heal with vibrational frequency or drums for war and communication. Music has a way of bringing harmony among people in a place.The workshops are meant to fellowship and build for our children's future.


Welcome to Sustainable Saturdays™, a program created by Ma'a...
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